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Nappy pail

Parents know why a full nappy cannot simply be thrown into a normal bin. Babies are so small and cute, but what comes out of them is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Special nappy bins are ideal for combating nasty smells and ensuring that nappies are disposed of hygienically. They keep dirty nappies odour-proof and are very easy to empty. Whether floor-standing or wall-mounted, at Armatron you will find the right nappy bin for your washroom.

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Kindergarten sanitary equipment

Waste bag for Diaper Champ 45L, 5 rolls

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Buy odour-proof nappy pails from Armatron

Nappy bins ensure that the smell is limited to the nappy and disappears quickly after changing. This means that the next visitors will not be unpleasantly surprised in the nappy-changing room. Nappy bins have odour-inhibiting mechanisms, are hygienic and easy to use. However, while nappy changing tables are commonplace in public facilities these days, the right nappy bins are often forgotten. When visiting a restaurant or swimming pool, parents are then faced with the question: Where to put the smelly nappy? To ensure that your sanitary facilities are a pleasant experience for every visitor, we have a wide range of nappy bins in our assortment. Discover our products, which impress with their modern design and high functionality. Order your favourite model from the comfort of your own home.

Frequently asked questions

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How many litres can a nappy bin hold?

Nappy bins for public facilities

Our nappy bins are easy to use and keep your bathroom hygienically clean. One of our favourite models with a wide range of features is the Diaper Champ ONE nappy pail. It can be operated by foot control so that you always have both hands free for your baby. It does not require an expensive refill cassette, but can be filled with normal bin liners. At the same time, it is completely odour-proof and ensures a pleasant bathroom atmosphere. For busy nappy-changing facilities, our large Nappy waste bin, plastic, OdoCare One perfect. It has a capacity of 60 litres and can also be filled with normal bin liners. You get the best value for money with our Changing table and nappy bin combined offer. You can purchase two essential baby hygiene products with one order.

Practical accessories for baby and child

Babies and children are also part of our society and it must be easy for families to take their little ones with them wherever they go. Restaurants, hotels and all public facilities should therefore be organised in such a way that parents are not faced with unnecessary challenges. After all, nothing is more stressful for families than having to lug around nappies, toys and baby food as well as other items such as high chairs or mobile changing tables. At Armatron, we are the perfect partner for child-friendly facilities. Whether highchairs, changing tables, nappy bins or sanitary equipment for nurseries. We can help you plan and equip your facilities. Our products are particularly high-quality and durable, so that they can withstand the daily use of busy facilities. This allows you to guarantee the highest possible level of user comfort for your visitors and ensure a positive experience.