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The ideal washbasins for your sanitary room: almost all of our washbasin types are made of recyclable stainless steel and are therefore exceptionally robust. No matter what purpose your room planning serves, you will find the right washbasin with us. Whether a stylish coated washbasin or a washbasin polished to a high gloss - depending on the use and room ambience, you can choose from a wide range of variants that leave nothing to be desired. With the design washbasins and washstands from Armatron, you can realise your ideas and set new accents.

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Built-in & top-mounted basins

Stainless steel washbasin without tap hole

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High-quality and robust washbasins from Armatron

Functional and visually appealing washbasins are the focal point of every washroom and toilet. This applies equally to the guest area as well as to internal rooms that are reserved for employees only. With the right washbasin from Armatron, you can create a real eye-catcher. Our built-in and top-mounted washbasins in various designs enhance any sanitary room in a way that cannot be overlooked. With the processing of high-quality stainless steel, we create highly robust washbasins in different categories, which are almost indestructible. Our coated top basins are particularly elegant and eye-catching. Also made of stainless steel and coated with Teflon in black matt, these are placed on table tops and are excellently suited for wall-mounted and raised fittings.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a washbasin and a vanity unit?

What types of washbasins does Armatron offer?

What do I have to bear in mind when wall-mounting washbasins?

Washbasin vs. washstand

The purpose of the washroom or toilet room you are planning is decisive for selecting the right type of washbasin. If the interior is to create a rather stylish ambience, the classic wall-mounted washbasin is recommended. A variety of coatings can be applied here to set colour accents and give the room an individual design. With washbasins from Armatron, nothing stands in the way of your dream bathroom in terms of design. At the same time, you will also find the right model in our range for in-house sanitary rooms (e.g. in production or workshops). Washbasins have the decisive advantage that they can be used by several people at the same time. This significantly reduces waiting times in and in front of sanitary rooms, especially when there is a high frequency of use.

Stainless steel washbasin - hygienic and functional

Stainless steel is commonly popular as a wonder weapon when it comes to combining resistance, durability and elegance. But did you know that stainless steel is also 100 % recyclable? Unlike ceramic, this makes stainless steel the ideal material for manufacturing washbasins. Every bathroom has its own characteristics - and the same applies to sanitary rooms in public spaces. The various shapes of washbasins that you can find at Armatron all have one thing in common: Reliability. Uncomplicated to clean and hardly susceptible to wear - that is the claim to which Armatron is committed. Create a long-lasting added value with an eye-catcher guarantee and receive the thanks of your guests and staff.