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WC brush set

Toilet brushes must do one thing above all: clean the toilet effectively and quickly. However, this does not mean that the design should be compromised. There is no reason why the toilet brush set should not be just as beautiful as the rest of the bathroom accessories. Because it's often the small details that count and make a washroom look particularly high-quality. Discover beautiful designs in different colours in our online shop that integrate unobtrusively into your overall concept.

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Ladies' hygiene

Dispenser set WC ladies

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Sanitary accessories

Combi Offer WC Men

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Buy WC brush set at Armatron

Unobtrusive, space-saving, high-quality: toilet brushes set discreet accents that contribute to the overall appearance of your bathroom. Toilet brushes in public sanitary facilities are subject to very special requirements. Due to the high frequency of use, it is necessary to mount the toilet brush holders on the wall. This prevents them from tipping over or getting lost. The toilet brush set should be particularly robust and easy to clean. Appropriate retention mechanisms ensure hygienic conditions by allowing the toilet brush to dry and not permanently standing in water. Our rich selection of brush holders and toilet brushes leaves nothing to be desired. Whether shiny stainless steel or white nylon, you will find the right product for every bathroom in the Armatron Shop.

Frequently asked questions

How often should a toilet brush be replaced?

Does Armatron have replacement brushes?

Do I have to replace the whole toilet brush or just the brush head?

Which is more suitable, toilet brushes made of stainless steel or plastic?

Toilet brush holder: Robust and wall-mounted

Our products are hard to beat in terms of design and functionality. If you would like to have the choice between several colours, we offer the PROOX WC brush set ONE pure. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the toilet brush and brush holder are available in seven different colours. The removable plastic insert ensures easy and hygienic cleaning. You get a real eye-catcher with our Toilet brush set, stainless steel with brass coating. It shines in a matt gold tone and is a real highlight in every WC. At the same time, it visually matches numerous bathroom accessories from our range, so you can create a coherent concept. The mounting rail has a security screw as theft protection, so you don't have to worry about the toilet brush set getting lost. No matter what kind of bathroom you are planning, we have the right toilet brushes and brush holders for you.

Order replacement brushes and brush heads at the same time

At Armatron, sustainability is particularly important to us. A brush head is the ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria and should be replaced regularly, especially in public spaces. However, this is no reason to throw away the entire toilet brush. In our online shop you will find the corresponding Spare parts for your toilet brush set. If the brush handle is still functional, you can purchase different brush heads without a handle. You have lost or broken a whole toilet brush? In this case, you can also purchase whole replacement brushes with Plastic handle or Buy stainless steel handle. This way you can keep the toilet brush holder and save costs by only replacing the toilet brush. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or uncertainties. Our competent advisors will be happy to help you.