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Hand dryer

You feel a pleasantly tempered air and in seconds your hands are completely dry. Modern hand dryers are the first choice in businesses, restaurants and educational institutions. Their contactless technology with sensor enables the highest standards of hygiene to be maintained, because most people simply feel better when they don't have to touch anything when washing their hands. The risks of infection by viruses and bacteria are reduced to a minimum and the quality of life is improved. At Armatron you will find various hand dryers that dry your hands quickly and effectively.

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Buy Effective Hand Dryers at Armatron

Electric hand dryers are a contactless alternative to paper dispensers in public facilities. They are elegant and impress with an attractive design and high functionality. Their environmentally friendly properties should also be emphasised, as they use no paper and only little electricity. In some models, the heating element can also be switched on or off depending on the season. Our items are wall-mounted and integrate seamlessly into the visual concept of the corresponding interior. They are particularly robust and durable, making them perfect for public facilities and busy washrooms. At Armatron, we offer several items in different designs and colours for your individual hygiene needs.

Frequently asked questions

How quickly do hand dryers dry hands?

Which is better: hand dryer or paper dispenser?

What materials are your hand dryers made of?

Hand dryer for hygienic hand drying

We offer you different models for quickly drying your hands after washing them. An elegant model is our Ultra-fast hand dryer, high-gloss polished stainless steel. The illuminated nozzle releases a concentrated stream of air centrally onto the hands at a speed of 230 km/h. The hands are dry in seconds. This way, hands are dry in seconds. If you prefer air-flow dryers, the air-flow hand dryer is SPEEDJET2 just the thing for you. The electric device works with an infrared sensor and is antibacterial for maximum hygiene. If you can't decide between a hand dryer and a paper dispenser, we also have a solution. Our 3-in-1 paper towel dispenser, automatic hand dryer and waste bin is a true multifunctional device. Made of high-quality, matt-finished stainless steel, the dispenser can be filled with standard paper towels of your choice. Whether silver, black or white, we have the right hand dryer for your washroom.

Our Armatron quality promise

With our equipment for bathrooms and toilets, you will always make a brilliant impression. Whether you prefer paper dispensers or hand dryers, in our online shop you will find a wide variety of state-of-the-art equipment that looks beautiful and helps you save on operating costs. Sanitary facilities are subject to heavy use, especially in public spaces. Therefore, it is our claim to only offer products in our range that are particularly resilient. Hand dryers are in constant use and in some cases are also subject to vandalism. We guarantee the longevity of our models through fixed wall mounting and the choice of robust materials such as stainless steel. By dispensing with paper, hand dryers provide additional cleanliness in washrooms and are indispensable for public areas.