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Soap dispenser

Whether in public or private areas, a soap dispenser is a must in every bathroom when it comes to hygiene! Keeping the soap in a closed area protects against leaks and keeps everything clean. At the same time, only as much soap is dispensed as needed when washing your hands, so you save on product. Soap dispensers are available in many different versions and designs, in our online shop there is a suitable model for every taste. Whether mounted on the wall or on the vanity, our dispensers keep the space clean and look good at the same time. Discover high-quality soap dispensers at Armatron.

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Soap dispenser

Touchless soap dispenser

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Buy a variety of soap dispensers at Armatron

Especially in public sanitary facilities such as educational institutions, medical facilities or in the catering trade, it is important to mount the soap dispensers firmly. This prevents them from falling down and at the same time protects them from vandalism and theft. All our products are conscientiously tested by us to ensure that they can withstand the stresses of high user frequency. We deliberately use robust materials such as stainless steel and secure our soap dispensers with locking techniques so that no visitor can access the dispenser's tank. Whether you choose a manual dispenser, a foam soap dispenser or a sensor soap dispenser, our soap dispensers combine a timeless design with high functionality. This is how you guarantee the satisfaction of all visitors!

Frequently asked questions

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Soap dispenser for wall mounting

Whether with sensor or lever with different colours and designs. We offer a wide range of soap dispensers for wall mounting. One of our bestsellers is the Soap dispenser UNIVERSAL, CREAM SOAP, Bobrick. The housing is made of high-quality stainless steel with a satin finish. The dispenser is easily mounted on the wall by means of a concealed fastening. The side window allows you to quickly check whether the soap in the tank needs to be refilled. Our Electronic foam soap dispenser, wall-mounted, stainless steel is available in black and silver. It works contactless and saves on product by dispensing foam soap. If you like it practical and don't have so much space in the washroom, we suggest our PROOX, paper towel and soap dispenser, stainless steel to the heart. This two-in-one device dispenses soap and paper towels and has a space-saving effect. No matter which soap dispenser you prefer, our articles fit visually into any washroom.

Soap dispenser for a washbasin installation

Soap dispensers that are mounted directly on the washbasin take up less space and are particularly suitable for smaller bathrooms. Our PROOX, table soap dispenser small, works with liquid soap and is pleasant to use with light pumping. A contactless model with sensor is our Touchless soap dispenser, washbasin installation, HEAVY Armatron Deluxe. A real eye-catcher in any washroom, especially with the accompanying matching washbasin tap. A model for pleasant foam soap is our Foam soap dispenser for washbasin mounting. This dispenser can be easily filled from the top, saving you a lot of maintenance work. No matter which soap dispenser you choose, you are not tied to a software supplier. All our dispensers can be filled with the soap of your choice, so you have exactly the smell and consistency you like.