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Hygiene bag

A toilet in a public sanitary facility has special requirements compared to a bathroom at home. In addition to soap dispensers, bathroom waste bins or even hand dryers, hygiene bags should be given special attention in ladies' toilets. Thanks to their simple and uncomplicated handling, hygiene bags from Armatron are a germ-free solution for waste from ladies' toilets. Standardised holders are available for all bags for discreet storage in close proximity. Discover our range and choose an Armatron product today.

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Hygiene bags for public toilets at Armatron

Products from the feminine hygiene range are not suitable for disposal in the toilet due to their material thickness and strength. To provide ladies with a clean and germ-free solution, sanitary bags are ideal for this purpose. Incidentally, these bags also reduce maintenance costs. If they are disposed of incorrectly, sanitary towels or tampons increase the risk of clogging the toilet. By attaching sanitary bags and a matching waste bin, you completely avoid this scenario. A low purchase price of feminine hygiene bin liners is an investment in decreasing maintenance costs in the future. At Armatron, attention is paid not only to functionality but also to appearance. All dispensers can be ordered in a modern colour and form a harmonious image together with waste bins.

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The toilet as an interactive business card

Going to the toilet is often the crucial point in the feel-good factor of customers. This is not primarily about the visual factor, but also about the hygienic condition of the sanitary rooms. Especially in gastronomic facilities, it is of great importance to ensure a high standard of hygiene even in the retreats. With a clean and well-equipped sanitary room, you not only increase the confidence of your guests towards you, but at the same time form a profitable, well-groomed image to the outside world. With hygiene bags from Armatron, you are opting for a long-term profitable and sustainable solution for your ladies' toilets. For more information about equipping your sanitary facilities, we look forward to hearing from you or giving you a call.

From the hygiene bag to the hygiene bag dispenser

A bag seldom comes alone and therefore our products are available in different sized packaging units. Matching dispensers are available in our range for all bags. Whether small and discreet or somewhat larger with an integrated waste container - at Armatron you will find the right sanitary accessory. Our Hygiene bag dispenser with snap spring closure is primarily characterised by its compactness. With dimensions of 100x115x50 mm, it is a popular choice for small rooms. The matching Hygiene bagto give the system the necessary fullness are also available, of course. To complete the trio, we recommend the Litter bin from the TrimLine series. The flap is magnetically closed, is simply folded forwards to open and thanks to practical wall mounting, even mopping of the floor is guaranteed.