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Paper dispenser

Restaurants, businesses, educational institutions and healthcare facilities: Almost every institution that has sanitary facilities relies on different paper dispensers for paper towels. Because hygiene is of great importance everywhere and the right dispensers help to keep the washroom clean and tidy. Loose paper can quickly fall down and cause unnecessary waste and contamination. A closed paper towel dispenser helps save paper towels while keeping the paper dry and clean. At Armatron, you can find and order the right paper dispensers for any facility.

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Buy practical paper dispensers at Armatron

Paper towel dispensers are a hygienic alternative to electric hand dryers in public washrooms. They are visually appealing and by dispensing individual paper towels, they save on product and help maintain cleanliness in the room. Our products are wall-mounted, but can also be integrated into the vanity or installed behind the mirror. In this way, they integrate seamlessly into the visual concept of your furnishings. They take up little space and are particularly durable, making them ideal for heavily frequented washrooms. We offer numerous items in different sizes and colours that can be perfectly matched to your specific needs.

Frequently asked questions

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Paper dispenser for hygienic hand washing

To be able to dry your hands hygienically after washing, we offer a range of different models. Our Bobrick paper towel dispenser, stainless steel is satin-finished and the slightly curved front gives the dispenser an elegant look. To refill paper towels, the door can simply be folded down. With the innovative "TowelMate" system, only one paper towel is dispensed at a time, reducing consumption by up to 20 percent. Our model PROOX, paper towel and soap dispenser is available in six different colours and is a combination of towel dispenser and soap dispenser, so you don't need two different installations. No matter which items you choose, we will be happy to supply you with the matching accessories.

Contactless paper towel dispensers

To avoid potential viruses and bacteria, many people want to touch as little as possible in public and busy washrooms. This applies to taps as well as soap dispensers and paper dispensers. Our automatic paper towel dispensers work completely contactless and thus make an important contribution in terms of hygiene. Our Bobrick automatic paper roll dispenser for surface mounting is made of durable plastic. The top is transparent so that the fill level can be easily read. The model Automatic paper roll dispenser for surface mounting is available in a noble silver. The door is secured with a cylinder lock so that the paper cannot get lost. Our dispensers are suitable for universal, commercially available paper rolls. This means that you remain flexible with our articles and are not tied to one supplier.