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Emergency showers

When it comes to an emergency shower, things have to happen quickly. Emergency safety showers and eye showers are essential in locations such as laboratories and manufacturing plants. They must be installed wherever people can come into contact with alkaline solutions, acids, flames, heat and extreme dirt. If an employee comes into contact with a hazardous substance, it must happen quickly. Emergency showers and eye showers as first aid must be intuitive, easy and quick to use and, of course, function smoothly. At Armatron you will find the right model for your business.

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Emergency showers

Eye shower OCULUS II

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Buy safe safety showers at Armatron

No matter what type of safety shower you need, we have the right products for you. In companies where people are exposed to potential hazards, the installation of emergency showers and eye showers is mandatory as an immediate aid in the event of an accident. These emergency showers are available in different variants, depending on the facility or laboratory in which work is carried out. Eye showers provide quick relief for possible eye injuries. Body safety showers, on the other hand, usually consist of a shower head mounted on the wall that rapidly discharges large amounts of water. There are also combinations of body showers and eye showers for appropriate establishments. Discover our different safety showers and eye showers on our website and find the right model for you.

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Emergency showers and eye showers from the full-range supplier

Safety and quality are of paramount importance to us. We deliberately avoid cheap workmanship, because we want to guarantee the durability and functionality of our products. With our safety showers, we deliberately focus on simplicity. They must be freely accessible and quick and intuitive to operate. Our Model Combination body/eye shower STAND, free-standing for example, offers quick complete protection. It can be operated with the foot as well as with the hand and performs body showers and eye rinses in an emergency. The system is frost-protected and the product comes with standard-compliant first aid signs. If you would like a system that is mounted on the wall, we offer the Emergency shower for wall mounting with manual operation on. 70 litres of water per minute (1 bar flow pressure) shoot out of the circular shower head and quickly counteract possible injuries. We look forward to advising you on your choice of emergency shower or eye shower.

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