Disinfectant dispenser, 1000 ml, aluminium cover, short arm lever, A-25517**

Disinfectant dispenser 1000 ml with aluminium housing

Soap and disinfectant dispenser 1000 ml
With long lever and replaceable stainless steel pump.
Supplied as standard with refill container.
Dimensions: H 290 x W 95 x D 90 mm.
Suitable for Euro bottles
with aluminium housing
Required space above the dispenser: approx. 40 mm
space required underneath the dispenser: approx. 200 mm
Dispenser assembly: Lift the container slightly and remove it from the dispenser. Press on the locking tongue and pull the wall holder downwards off the housing. Fix the wall holder with the enclosed dowels and screws. Push the dispenser on until the locking tongue engages.
If necessary, the dosage of 1.5 ml/stroke can be gradually reduced to approx. 0.5 ml/stroke by turning the dosage wheel to the right and left.
Insert the filled container into the dispenser from below.
Only warm soapy water is recommended for cleaning.

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