SECURITHERM shower element with thermostat, electronic version with battery operation, surface-mounted, connection at top, 792404**

Shower element with thermostat and battery operation

Electronic shower element with thermostat:
Stainless steel housing for surface mounting, large version.
Connection from above with straight pre-shut-offs G 1/2B.
Thermostatic mixer tap SECURITHERM.
Temperature adjustable: cold water up to 38 °C; 1st temperature stop at 38 °C, 2nd stop at 41 °C.
Scald protection: automatic closing in case of cold water failure.
Avoidance of cold water shock: automatic closing in case of hot water failure.
Suitable for thermal disinfection.
Operation by 6V lithium battery type CR-P2.
Triggered when the hand approaches 4 cm in front of the infrared sensor with presence detection.
Targeted switch-off, otherwise automatic after ~60 seconds.
Hygiene rinse (~60 seconds every 24 h after last use).
Flow rate 6 l/min at 3 bar.
Shower head ROUND chrome-plated, protected against vandalism and low in limescale with automatic flow regulator.
Integrated soap dish.
Concealed fixings.
With protective filters and backflow preventers.
Suitable for people with limited mobility.


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