Urinal Caprino Plus with integrated radar flushing unit, 24 V DC, ASA-SLP 49S

Urinal Caprino Plus with radar flush

  • Flushing process requires only 1 litre of water
  • Easy assembly due to enclosed assembly dimension sheet
  • Complete flushing unit mounted behind the urinal
  • System reacts only to immediate use of the urinal (the system detects changes in the liquid level or flow of the urinal).
  • Rinsing time adjustable from 0.5 sec. to 15.5 sec.
  • Usage parameters adjustable with remote control SLD 04 without necessary disassembly of the urinal from the wall
  • Automatic hygiene flush after 6 hours of non-use
  • possible flow - quantity regulation via the ball valve
  • Radar flushing unit also flushes the siphon after each use

Scope of delivery

ASA-SLP 49S - Ceramic urinal with radar Urinal flushing unit on mounting plate, solenoid valve, connection loop, angle valve with filter and backflow preventer, water inlet with rubber seal, siphon, installation kit, installation - dimension sheet

technical information

Operating voltage: 24 V DC
Recommended water pressure: 0.1 - 0.6 MPa
Flow rate: 18 l/min (inf. Data)
Water inlet: male thread G 1/2"
Water outlet: water inlet with rubber seal

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