Urinal Caprino Plus Rimless with integrated radar flushing unit

The flushing process of this urinal requires only 1 litre of water and thus enables a
water-saving use. Installation is easy, as the complete flushing unit is placed behind the
is mounted on the urinal.

The urinal's system only reacts to immediate use and detects changes
in the liquid level or flow rate. The flushing time is flexibly adjustable from 0.5 to 15.5 seconds.

Parameterisation and communication with the electronics takes place via the
Control App (Bluetooth) or the SLD 04 remote control (optional)
Disassembly of the urinal is not necessary for this.

To ensure hygienic use, hygienic flushing takes place automatically
after 6 hours of non-use. Flow rate regulation is possible via the ball valve.

In addition, the radar flush unit also rinses the siphon after each use,
to ensure thorough cleaning.

Optionally available as 24V or with battery operation!

CHF 1,159.00 excl. VAT.

Available on back-order

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