Urinal Lema Rimless with integrated radar - flushing unit and integrated transformer

Includes Bluetooth control (Sanela Control App available for download).
Easy assembly thanks to the enclosed assembly dimension sheet. Complete sink unit
is located behind the urinal. The system only responds to immediate use
of the urinal and detects changes in the liquid level or flow.
Flush time can be adjusted from 0.5 seconds to 15.5 seconds. Parameterisation and
Communication with the electronics takes place via the Control App (Bluetooth) or
the SLD 04 remote control (optional)
without dismantling the urinal.
Automatic hygiene flush after 6 hours of non-use.
Possible flow rate regulation via the angle valve.
The radar flushing unit also flushes the siphon after each use.

CHF 2,357.00 excl. VAT.

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