Wash basin valve for mains operation, for cold or premixed water

CHF 406.00 - CHF 667.00 excl. VAT.

Washbasin valve

Finish: chrome-plated, PVD gold satin or PVD copper available

Washbasin valve chrome-plated in elegant design
For cold or premixed water
For mains operation with 9V power supply unit
The fitting is switched off in the event of a power interruption to the 9V power supply unit.
still supplied with power by an integrated 9V battery
Sensor in the outlet - 100 mm preset (adjustable)
Minimum/maximum sensor range: 30 mm, resp. 120 mm
Maximum water temperature 70°C
Desired water temperature can be preset
Water flow is started when the hands are in the sensor area,
and stopped when they leave the sensor range again
Safety switch-off after 90 seconds
24 hours after the last use, a hygiene rinse is performed for 30 seconds.
carried out
Recommended flow pressure: 0.5-8.0 bar
Vandal-proof properties

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