Single lever shower mixer for concealed installation in waterproof flush-mounted box, high-gloss polished stainless steel, ADL-254BOX-2541

Single lever shower mixer for concealed installation

Single-lever shower mixer for concealed installation.
- Single-lever mixer with ceramic cartridge Ø 40.
Preset hot water limit.
Simple thermal disinfection possible without dismantling the operating handle or switching off the cold water supply.
Flow rate regulated to 9 l/min (fitting), with shower head 6 l/min at 3 bar.
Operation by operating handle.
Can be supplemented with shower head or wall connection elbow.
- Cover plate stainless steel mirror polished 166 x 166 mm.
- Waterproof flush-mounted box:
- Flange with integrated seal.
- Water connection outside the box and maintenance from the front.
- Flexible installation (stud wall, solid wall, panel).
- Suitable for wall thicknesses from 10 to 120 mm (the installation depth of the flush-mounted box is at least 93 mm).
- Adaptable to standard or "pipe-in-pipe" piping.
- Pre-shut-offs with flow rate adjustment, protective filter and cartridge integrated and accessible from the front.
- Supplied in 2 parts: Components protected during flushing of the pipelines.
- Shower mixer especially suitable for health care facilities, retirement homes, hospitals and clinics.
- Suitable for people with limited mobility.


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