Disinfection column with infrared dispenser

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COMPONENTS AND MATERIALS - Main housing - Made of high-strength ABS plastic. The unit is equipped with a central acrylic sight glass stage. The capacity of the unit is 1,100 ml. - Valve - Equipped with automatic sensor, "touchless" system. Designed and tested to prevent soap dripping. Corrosion resistant ABS inner valve. - Fixing kit: One key to open the cover, four 6 mm plugs, four 4 mm screws.
To fill the dispenser, open the lid and pour in the gel disinfectant directly. After each refuelling process, press the inner sensor bottle several times so that the disinfectant flows to the valve. Place your hand under the sensor for a dosage of 1 ml. If hands are not removed, the dispenser stops automatically after 10 doses. The display indicates when the dispenser needs to be refilled. The dispenser works with 4 AA-LR4 1.5 volt batteries with a lifespan of approx. 60,000 cycles.

The use of hydroalcoholic gels with the following characteristics is recommended: -
Alcohol <80% - Density: 0.9-1.35 kg/dm3 - Viscosity <2,500 Cp.

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