Inst.Sys. TEMPOFIX 3 urinal electr. mains operated 12V D35

Installation system with electronic pressure flush for urinal:
Black powder-coated steel frame for pre-wall mounting.
Fastening on floor and in load-bearing wall with metal dowels (included in delivery).
Centre distance adjustable from 95 to 280 mm.
Height adjustable by telescopic frame from 0 to 200 mm.
Drain pipe Ø 50 with push-in socket.
Supplied pre-assembled.
Meets the requirements of NF D12-208 (load test).
Suitable for wall construction from 40 to 190 mm.

Equipped with TEMPOMATIC 4 G 1/2B electronic flush valve:
Mains operation, electronic box 12 V with solenoid valve, protective filter and pre-shut-off.
Shockproof infrared sensor with presence detection.
Detection range, flush time and flush volume adjustable during installation. Plan for a 230/12 V transformer.
Detection after 3 seconds of presence.
Automatic pre-rinsing possible.
Flush time preset to ~3 seconds, adjustable from 3 to 12 seconds.
Hygienic flushing every 24 h after last use: prevents the trap from drying out.
Flush volume 0.3 l/sec. at 3 bar, adjustable.
Flush rosette.
Threaded rod can be cut to size.
Suitable for rainwater.
Suitable for people with limited mobility.
Technical features: see urinal flush valve TEMPOMATIC art. 428200.

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