NEST, the thinnest baby safety seat made of wood


The thinnest baby chair in the world, takes up almost no living space.
Designed for homes, caravans, changing rooms, toilet cabins,...

The folding baby chair "Nest" is an innovation developed out of necessity. It allows adults to put their child in a safe baby chair - "Nest" - without feeling guilty while they take care of their own needs in the toilets (in shopping centres, airports, restaurants, rest stops). The "Nest" chair can also be used in changing rooms. This way, parents can easily try on clothes while their child sits relaxed next to them in a spacious and ergonomic seat. Or use it as an elegant, modern, innovative and eye-catching feature for your home. The product is also very useful in changing rooms at the swimming pool, as changing clothes becomes much easier for an adult.

It is designed to take up as little space as possible so you can take your baby where you couldn't before, allowing them to learn and develop alongside you. The "Nest" chair combines comfort, style and modern design.


  • High quality and child-safe processing in all components, without harmful substances
  • Made from the highest quality beech wood, which gives the product the necessary safety and strength
  • The surface of has been treated with baby-friendly and non-toxic paints and varnishes
  • The thinnest foldable baby seat that is only 27 mm wide


  • Dimensions: Length: 53cm, Height: 59cm, Width: 2.7cm
  • Suitable for children up to a maximum of 15 kilograms, from 6 to 36 months
  • Is suitable for mounting on any stable vertical surface, easy and quick to mount
  • Simple & easy cleaning and hygiene control
  • Approved by EU Normative
    Safety standard EN 14988:2017


Video: Nest in changing rooms:
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