Nappy waste bin OdoCare MAXI Handsfree

Specially designed for day care centres and public changing rooms

The Diaper Champ One is an odour-proof nappy pail that can be filled with simple, commercially available bin liners and thus does not require expensive refill cartridges.

To meet hygiene regulations, DiaperChamp has developed a new nappy pail that can be used hands-free. Optimal hygiene combined with maximum convenience - that is the best description for the new DiaperChamp ONE Handsfree nappy pail series.

The Diaper Champ nappy pail system seals the nappies in all variants hygienically, odour-proof and safely. The new hands-free version also ensures contactless disposal of the nappy without touching the pail.

The DiaperChamp One Maxi is also equipped with a holder for small hygiene bags to keep the drum clean even when the waste is heavily soiled on the outside. The DiaperChamp Handsfree Plus is also equipped with wheels and a handle for better mobility.

Easy handling

Press the pedal and insert the nappy into the opening, release the pedal so that the drum rotates and the nappy falls into the bin liner - done.

Inserting the bag:
- Unlock the headboard with the handle on the front and open the bucket.
- Pass the bag through the opening of the retaining ring.
- Wrap the bag around the retaining ring. Make sure that the fastener remains free.
- Close the headboard.

Removing the bag:
- Unlock the head section with the handle on the front and open the bucket. The bag is pulled up odour-tight in the process.
- For odourless removal, grasp the bag with one hand under the bag holder, pull it out downwards and then dispose of the bin liner.

The Diaper Champ One Handsfree is available in the following sizes:

Standard: capacity approx. 30 nappies / approx. 50-60L bin liners
Maxi: capacity approx. 60 nappies / approx. 100 - 120L bin liner

CHF 145.00 excl. VAT.

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