TEMPOMIX 3 time flow mixer, L=190 mm, ADL-794BOX3-794250

TEMPOMIX 3 time flow basin mixer

  • Tamperproof chrome-plated metal plate 160 x 160mm.
  • Waterproof recessing housing:
    • Collar with waterproof seal.
    • Hydraulic connection from the outside and maintenance from the front.
    • Adjusts to all types of installations (rails, load-bearing walls, panels).
    • Compatible with wall finishes 13 – 120mm.
    • Suitable for standard or “pipe in pipe” supply.
    • Stopcock and flow rate adjustment, filters, non-return valves and cartridge are integrated and accessible from the front.
    • TEMPOMIX 3 single control mixer F½”.
    • Supplied in 2 kits: secure system flush without sensitive elements.
  • Operation and temperature control via the push-button.
  • Maximum temperature limiter (can be adjusted by installer).
  • Time flow ~7 sec, can be adjusted.
  • Soft-touch operation.
  • Flow rate pre-set at 3 lpm at 3 bar pressure, can be adjusted 1.5 – 6 lpm.
  • Scale-resistant flow straightener.
  • Spout L. 190mm with smooth interior and low water volume (limits bacterial niches).


Icon_wassersparend_inverse 85% water savings

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