As one of the leading full-range suppliers of stainless steel sanitary accessories, ARMATRON AG is a proven partner for architects and sanitary planners. For over 30 years, we have stood for concentrated washroom expertise. We use our experience and knowledge every day in advising our customers and in the further development of our products.

The demands on our products in daily use are high. Accordingly, we carefully select our suppliers. As a supplement, we develop and produce products ourselves or adapt them to the special features of the Swiss market. The result is a comprehensive product range that meets even the highest demands.

True to our motto EDEL & STAHL hard we rely on the material stainless steel. This is because stainless steel combines an elegant and timeless look with lasting stability and protection against vandalism. These properties make stainless steel the best material for washroom accessories in public and semi-public washrooms.

Our renowned partners




Bobrick has been designing and manufacturing stainless steel washroom accessories since 1906. Today, Bobrick is one of the world's leading manufacturers, known for its timeless design and outstanding quality. A comprehensive range of products leaves nothing to be desired and offers a suitable and elegant solution for every requirement.

The three different equipment lines combine high quality in materials and workmanship, cost efficiency and maximum functionality - be it washrooms in office buildings, restaurants or public buildings such as airports, schools, hotels or hospitals.

As a long-standing partner of Bobrick, we have adapted all products to the Swiss market. This means that our customers are free to choose their supplier of paper, soap and other consumables and are not tied down.




Today, a changing table is undoubtedly part of every modern washroom - accessible to both women and men. However, public and semi-public washrooms with a correspondingly high visitor frequency place particularly high demands on a changing table.

Maximum safety for child and user and the greatest possible hygiene are at the centre of this. But of course the changing table should also fit seamlessly into the room concept in terms of design and space requirements.

Koala Kare is the world's leading manufacturer of changing tables and child safety seats. Koala Kare products uniquely combine safety, hygiene and aesthetics.




At PROOX, the focus is on design - but without being obtrusive. With self-confident, no-frills sanitary fittings at the highest functional level, Proox offers timeless and elegant design for the highest demands.

With the 'DARK PASSION' design line, Proox sets strong accents in every washroom. Black anodised aluminium, the surface glass-bead blasted, makes the accessories an eye-catcher.

Logo Delabie



As a long-standing partner of public commercial and health care institutions, the DELABIE developed a portfolio consisting of five product groups that are tailored to the needs of each of its clients and its decision-makers.

Fittings for the public sector

  • Electronic and self-closing
  • Fittings for washbasins
  • Electronic and self-closing shower elements and combinations
  • Group thermostats
  • Electronic and self-closing pressure flushing systems for WC and urinals
  • Installation systems

Fittings for hospitals and care facilities

  • Terminal bacteria filters
  • Washbasin and shower fittings for patient rooms
  • Washbasin taps, sinks, wash troughs for nursing staff
  • Installation systems, flushing systems for WC

Accessible equipment and hygiene accessories

  • Accessibility: handholds, shower seats
  • Hygiene accessories for the public sector

Stainless steel sanitary equipment

  • Washbasins
  • Urinals and WCs
  • Shower cups
  • Operating theatre washbasin systems

Special fittings

  • Fittings for commercial kitchens
  • Safety fittings