Fittings, Washbasin, Spouts and Changing tables - how do you reconcile that with ecology? For us at Armatron, it's quite simple: steel is more durable,

Stainless steel or chrome steel is sustainable and recyclable
Stainless steel is durable and robust - and completely recyclable!

more robust and therefore more sustainable than ceramics. We believe in products that can be used for a long time and are 100 per cent recyclable. To ensure that the stainless steel is as high quality as possible, we have to use new raw materials. But not exclusively - depending on the product, up to 60 percent of the material can be recycled! And because products made of steel also weigh less than ceramics, we also protect the environment when transporting our products.

High-quality manufacturing in Switzerland and Europe

Of course, not all our products are made of stainless steel. Our changing tables and containers, for example, are made of plastics. They are even lighter than stainless steel. And the best thing is: we can have many of our products produced in Switzerland or at least in Europe! So the transport distances for these products remain short.

Switzerland and the EU as a workplace
We stand by Switzerland as a production location - many of our products are manufactured in Switzerland or at least in the EU. This shortens transport routes and creates regional jobs.

Plastics are not sustainable - or are they?

We are not fooling you: Of course plastics are not sustainable. But there are simply applications that cannot be sensibly implemented with any other material. That is why our Changing tables plastics are used. We only select plastics that cause as little harm as possible to the environment. But what is even more important: the plastics do not harm you. Products and materials must be completely harmless to humans. In our eyes, the best possible solution here lies in partially recycled materials.

Resource water

It is always about saving water. The pressure is high because water is a very valuable resource. In fact, water consumption in the public-commercial sector is 50 per cent higher than in private households. Here, each person uses up to 200 litres a day! In hospitals, spas and other special facilities, consumption can even exceed 500 litres per day and person. In addition, there are malfunctions that are not noticed and remedied as quickly as in the private environment. How can this enormous consumption be reduced?

Electronic taps help to save water - they only run when the hand is in the sensor area - otherwise the water flow stops immediately.
Conserving the resource water and using it in a targeted manner - with electronic fittings Copyright: Sanela

We have greatly reduced the flow rate of our taps; with 3 litres per minute at the washbasin and 6 litres per minute in the shower, we have very water-efficient taps. The water delivery is precisely dosed and is automatically interrupted. Only 7 seconds run our Washbasin taps. The dual flush WCs produce 3 or 6 litres per flush.

through the pipe; for the urinal, the flush time is limited to 3 seconds. With these and similar revisions to our product designs, we continue to optimise water consumption. Water and energy can be saved - without any loss of comfort for the users!