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Changing pads

The perfect addition to any nappy-changing area. With our changing mats, you order a safe partner for all eventualities when changing nappies in your sanitary area. The models form an optimal barrier between the changing surface and the child, so they forgive even a small faux pas in no time. In terms of hygiene, the pads also promise ideal protection against dirt and germs. Order today from Armatron - your reliable partner from Switzerland.

500 pcs.
SKU: KB150-99
CHF 155.00 excl. VAT.
250 pcs.
SKU: KB150-99-200
CHF 36.00 excl. VAT.
320 pcs.
CHF 20.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: AME-CN0020-2K
CHF 95.00 excl. VAT.

Changing pads at Armatron

With our disposable changing pads, you can equip changing stations with a hygienically clean and safe base. Made from a 3-ply and biodegradable paper, they offer a comfortable and moisture-resistant disposable solution for any public changing room. Thanks to the impermeable material on the underside and a soft surface, the result is a quilted collection pattern. Two different models of the pads are available in the online shop. Depending on the model, these can be used on Armatron's own changing tables or on Koala Kare products. To meet your needs, the changing mats can be ordered in different sales units. Shipping takes place exclusively via DHL Switzerland and depending on the product type and availability, you will receive the ordered product within 4 working days.

Frequently asked questions

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Combination artists in the assortment

At Armatron you will find changing mats that are compatible with all our changing tables. With uniform dimensions, the disposable pads adapt to any shape and surface individually. In our vertically foldable changing table a lockable paper pad dispenser is installed. This not only provides a perfect place for our disposable pads, but is also within easy reach after opening. For complete equipment at the nappy-changing station, a disposal option is of course also required in addition to the lying surface. Our recommendation here is clearly the Nappy Champ ONE nappy pail. Thanks to an integrated foot control, the person changing the baby always has one hand free to secure the child. With a capacity of approx. 30 nappies, standard 30 or 40 litre waste bags can be used.

Tips and tricks from a competent full-service provider

Our claim is to offer the best quality and service. For this reason, only hand-picked suppliers are listed in the Armatron range. All our products have the claim to be designed for a public washroom. In addition to a functional aspect, we also focus on environmentally friendly materials. After realising that some existing products were not optimally designed for the Swiss market, we wanted to change something. The idea of setting up our own concept and production gave rise to a company that has been able to acquire concentrated washroom expertise for over 30 years. Armatron is not only a proven partner for architects and sanitary planners, but also for leisure and educational facilities.