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Shower tray stainless steel

At Armatron, you will find high-quality shower trays made of stainless steel that impress with their durability and rust-free qualities. Each shower tray from Armatron combines solid quality with the highest elegance and is therefore not only functional, but also visually an enrichment for every bathroom and shower. Discover our theft-proof shower trays with two integrated flannel hooks.

Advantages of a stainless steel shower tray

Stainless steel is a robust material that is easy to clean and rustproof, making it particularly suitable as a variant for damp bathrooms. Stainless steel shower shelves are available in various sizes and shapes and can be mounted in different places in the bathroom. They are also aesthetically pleasing. Most shower trays also have practical drainage slots to allow water to run off, ensuring a hygienic environment.

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Shower tray in anthracite metallic

If you are looking for a durable and tasteful shower tray, the "Shower shelf for handle in anthracite metallic" from Armatron is the perfect choice. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this shower tray has a practical handle that makes it easy to move. The anthracite metallic coating gives the shower tray a modern and elegant look that fits perfectly into any bathroom in a private household as well as in any public facility. With Armatron, you are not only buying a high-quality product, but also the certainty that you are making a long-term investment. 

Shower tray chrome-plated

The "Shelf for handle chrome-plated, for shower, ADL-511922P" by Armatron is suitable for anyone looking for a practical yet elegant option for the bathroom. In contrast to the shower tray in anthracite, this one is chrome-plated, which contributes to a modern and stylish look. The two flannel hooks provide additional storage space. The shelf can be mounted in different places in the bathroom to suit your needs. You can order both products from our online shop.