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Toilet paper holder

An absolute must in every bathroom is a toilet paper holder for the toilet paper. Because loose rolls quickly fall down, get wet and create unhygienic conditions. The ideal toilet paper holder has a high-quality design, keeps the paper clean and is robust at the same time. At Armatron, we offer you a huge range of toilet paper holders that are ideally suited for both private homes and public facilities. Discover your favourite toilet roll holder now and order easily with a click in our online shop.

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Dispenser set WC ladies

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Buy practical toilet paper holders at Armatron

Offices, educational institutions, catering establishments and healthcare facilities: Every institution with sanitary facilities relies on individual toilet paper holders for the toilet paper. Particularly enclosed toilet paper holders keep the paper dry and clean and are very hygienic. Our toilet paper holders can be mounted on the wall and integrate seamlessly into the visual concept of the corresponding WC. The use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel makes them particularly durable and ideal for busy washrooms. We offer you numerous different designs so that you have a free choice. Numerous models in different colours and sizes, which are hard to beat in terms of functionality, are waiting to be discovered by you.

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Toilet roll holder for standard toilet rolls

For easy and hygienic toilet paper removal, we offer you a range of diverse models. One of our best sellers is the PROOX, Double toilet roll holder ONE pure. This toilet paper holder is available in seven different colours and thus offers the right design for every bathroom concept. Because it is wall-mounted, it does not take up much space and can be locked with a key. We also carry the complementary Spare roll holderwhich have space for three rolls. A particularly elegant toilet paper holder for hotel rooms or the guest toilet is the PROOX simple toilet roll holder "extra strong". This toilet paper holder comes in a beautiful shade of gold and is a very special eye-catcher. You will also find the optically matching Spare roll holder in our assortment.

Toilet paper holder for busy sanitary facilities

For heavily frequented washrooms, toilet paper holders for large rolls or several loo rolls are particularly well suited. Here, too, we offer you several models to choose from so that you can achieve the best visual results for your rooms. One of our favourite products is the Jumbo toilet roll holder, Bobrick made of matt polished stainless steel. Through a slot you can easily see the filling level of the toilet paper, a lock keeps the paper safe. Our PROOX WC large roll holder is available in three different colours and fits seamlessly into any washroom. With our PROOX, Toilet roll holder for 3 rolls, you won't run out of paper either. With its beautiful gold, this toilet paper holder will make any toilet shine. Feel free to contact us when planning your interior. We look forward to advising you on toilet paper holders.