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Glove dispenser

Disposable gloves are indispensable, especially in the medical sector. They protect against the spread of germs and bacteria and make an important contribution to hygiene. Correct use is important and certain basic rules should be observed when removing them. Hands must not come into contact with other gloves or the glove box. To ensure this, gloves should always be stored in a special glove dispenser. This is a simple way to ensure that gloves are used correctly. Discover our glove dispensers at Armatron.

Buy Stainless Steel Glove Dispenser at Armatron

We have a wide range of different glove dispensers in our assortment. Our products should not only be functional, but also look good. Many conventional glove dispensers have an open design so that the glove box of the product remains visible. We want our articles to fit into an overall concept and deliberately focus on closed glove dispensers where the boxes are completely encased and invisible. This way, the storage remains clear and elegant at the same time. At the same time, this prevents hands from coming into contact with other gloves or the box when removing the disposable gloves. The cover also protects the glove boxes from contamination with splashing water, droplets or dust. In terms of design, you will find different dispensers for every taste.

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Maintaining hygiene standards with a glove dispenser

Our glove dispensers come in different sizes and colours, so there is a product to suit every taste and need. They are made of robust stainless steel and are easy to mount on the wall. Our model Hygiene glove dispenser for one box are available in six different colours. It is ideal for medical practices or even other areas where wearing disposable gloves is appropriate. For larger facilities such as hospitals or retirement homes, our items are Glove dispenser TRIO stainless steel and Glove dispenser DUO stainless steel just right. They are suitable for glove boxes in various dimensions, and a spring-loaded clamp in the holder ensures a firm fit even with small boxes. We look forward to advising you on glove dispensers.

High-quality stainless steel makes the difference

Quality is our top priority. That's why we use high-quality materials for our glove dispensers. In keeping with our motto "ESSENTIAL & STEEL hard", we rely on stainless steel as a material. Stainless steel is the perfect combination of an elegant and timeless look and lasting stability. It is easy to clean and thus offers good protection against the spread of germs and bacteria. Products made of stainless steel are also lighter than ceramics, for example, so that they are easier to transport and thus additionally protect the environment. Because stainless steel is particularly durable, it is more sustainable than comparable products. Always rely on Armatron for sanitary installations and you are guaranteed to be satisfied.