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Tilt mirror

What would a bathroom be without the right mirror? For over 5000 years, people have loved to admire themselves in them. It is hard to imagine a washroom without a mirror, because nowhere does looking in the mirror play such an important role as in the bathroom. A tilting mirror is always a good choice here, because it can also be used by people in wheelchairs. Create barrier-free sanitary facilities and ensure more inclusion and independence for wheelchair users and people of small stature.

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Buy Accessible Tilt Mirrors at Armatron

Accessibility means not only inclusive use but also special comfort. Above all, public facilities that are used by both people with and without physical disabilities have special requirements in terms of equipment. Because self-determination is only possible if the living environment fulfils barrier-free conditions in all areas. A tilting mirror makes it easier for wheelchair users, people of short stature and children to use. Depending on one's needs, one can fold the mirror forward and back again and adjust it to one's own size. This increases the user's comfort considerably. Our range includes several tilting mirrors that impress with their high functionality and simple design. Order your favourite model from the comfort of your own home on our website.

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Tilting mirror from the number 1 Swiss supplier

With our tilting mirrors, we have deliberately focused on functionality and safety. This makes our washbasin mirrors ideally suited for the public/commercial and safety-relevant area. Discover for example our model Tilting mirror for 2 positions by Bobrickwhich can be easily tilted forwards and back into the vertical position. The elegant frame is made of satin stainless steel and the edges of the frame fit closely to the mirror, making cleaning easier. The mirror is secured by a safety tilt fitting and is attached to the wall with a stainless steel rod hinge across the entire width of the mirror. A frameless model is our Tilting mirror with long ergonomic leverwhich a wheelchair user can easily reach. The tilt angle is adjustable up to 20 degrees and installation is simplified by a click system.

Accessible washrooms from Armatron

Accessibility is an important topic for us, because it gives physically impaired people and older people a bit of independence and self-determination. With the right bathroom accessories, you can ensure more inclusion and at the same time guarantee the safety of the users. At Armatron, we offer you a whole range of products with which you can make bathrooms in public and private spaces barrier-free. In addition to our tilting mirrors, you will also find various shower seats, grab bars and washbasins suitable for the disabled in our online shop. Our products have been tested several times in terms of safety and functionality and are ideally suited for the public/commercial sector. With our articles, you make it easier for people to use sanitary facilities and provide valuable help in terms of accident prevention.