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Soap dish

We proudly present our exquisite selection of soap dishes. All our soap trays have been made from high-quality stainless steel, elegantly combining quality and style. In addition to soaps, our trays are also suitable for storing other bathroom utensils and are a highlight in any bathroom.

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Why is a stainless steel soap dish the best choice?

A stainless steel soap dish offers numerous advantages over other materials. It is easy to clean and hygienic, as it resists bacteria and mould growth. Stainless steel soap dishes are also visually appealing and are available from us in various sizes and designs. Invest in a stainless steel tray and enjoy the benefits of quality, style and functionality.

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High-gloss chrome-plated soap dish

The bright chrome-plated Soap dish has a modern design and, with a size of 100 x 130 x 34 mm, offers sufficient space for soaps and other bathroom utensils. The concealed fastenings ensure a seamless appearance and the reinforced fastening flange ensures secure mounting. In addition, the soap dish is made of high-quality and rustproof material. Order this soap dish conveniently from our online shop!

Soap dish with grid

The Rectangular soap dish with grid is made of a highly polished stainless steel material, which guarantees high quality and stability. The grid design ensures good ventilation and quick drying of the soap. It is easy to mount and has a size of 100 x 130 x 34 mm, which provides enough space for soaps or other bathroom utensils. This makes our soap holder with lattice design a practical storage option for your soaps.