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Sensor soap dispenser

Especially since the start of the Corona pandemic, thorough hand washing at every opportunity has become established practice. Especially in public facilities such as sports facilities, companies or hospitals, it makes sense to make this process contactless. After all, touching the tap and soap dispenser can spread viruses and bacteria from person to person. With a sensor soap dispenser, the dispensing of soap takes place via a sensor without having to touch the device. Discover our contactless dispensers and ensure maximum safety.

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Soap dispenser

Touchless soap dispenser

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Buy hygienic sensor soap dispensers at Armatron

A sensor soap dispenser makes sense everywhere. As soon as you leave the private sphere, you don't want to touch anything that many other strangers have already had in their hands. When visiting a restaurant, in the office or anywhere where you can wash your hands, the installation of a soap dispenser with sensor is helpful. We carry a variety of different sensor soap dispensers in our range. Depending on your personal preference and the conditions of your washroom, you can decide whether you prefer a wall-mounted model or one for a washstand installation. You are also not tied to any supplier when choosing soap, but can choose a good and cost-effective liquid soap yourself that is compatible with the dispenser of your choice.

Frequently asked questions

How does a sensor soap dispenser work?

How do you refill the soap?

Can the soap dispenser also be used for disinfectants?

Sensor soap dispenser for everyday use

At Armatron, quality is particularly important to us. We deliberately avoid cheap processing and plastic, because we want our products to remain functional for years without compromise. Therefore, we rely on stainless steel for the material, which combines functionality and stability with an elegant and timeless look. Our Touchless soap dispenser, HEAVY, Armatron Deluxe for example, is a real eye-catcher in any washroom. The dispenser can be mounted directly on the washbasin and you can choose between a version with battery operation or mains adapter. If you prefer wall-mounting, the model PROOX, Electronic soap dispenser, Sensor. This is available in several colours and can be operated with batteries or connected directly to the mains. No matter which model you choose, our products fit into almost any environment.

High-quality materials ensure durability

Soap dispensers in public spaces are subject to heavy use. They are subject to high wear and tear and sometimes even vandalism. We would like to counter this problem with our articles. We test all our models and ensure that they are made of resilient materials such as stainless steel and are secured with locking techniques so that no one has unauthorised access to the dispenser's tank. Because they are sturdily fixed, either to the washbasin or to the wall, our soap dispensers are further protected against theft and other damage. By installing a sensor dispenser, you are guaranteed to increase the satisfaction of all visitors. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on your choice of soap dispenser.