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Water filter cartridges

Tap water is considered a central component of daily hygiene and can usually be drunk without hesitation. But what is to be done if the requirement for purity and sterility is higher than what the tap can provide? In the worst case, the drinking water installation can become contaminated and the water supply as a whole can be endangered. In order to be able to rely on hygienically perfect tap water even in exceptional situations, our water filters provide an immediate remedy. Available as cartridges, hand showers and spouts, they can be used in a variety of ways and can be installed effortlessly if required.

Highest water quality through innovative water filters

The general drinking water ordinance stipulates that no pathogenic microorganisms may be contained in tap water and also recommends a minimum mineral content. Whether washing your hands, taking a shower, preparing drinks such as coffee and tea or in the particularly sensitive medical field: you want to be able to rely on high water quality. This is exactly where the water filters from Armatron come in with their hydrophilic hollow fibre membranes made of polyethylene. Thanks to microfiltration, the finest barriers are erected against germs and bacteria and thus pollutants are reliably retained. The water filter cartridges can be screwed onto water and shower fittings in no time at all and are thus ideally suited as a preventive or immediate measure in all areas of public life.

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Being able to rely on pure tap water

Water filter cartridges are versatile in all areas of public life. They can be applied effortlessly as a preventive measure or as an immediate measure in case of contamination to ensure drinking water quality. BIOFIL brand cartridges with their sterile water filters are used in hospitals and medical practices to clean medical instruments. In high-risk areas, they are also used to prevent waterborne infections. The range of possible applications for this all-rounder extends from offices and factories to restaurants, hotels and the healthcare sector. In every break room with a coffee machine or fully automatic coffee machine, water filters are a practical solution for protection against harmful substances. Hollow-fibre membranes have the advantage that they filter out pollutants but have no noticeable effect on the water chemistry. It therefore has no effect on the colour and aroma of the water and does not get in the way of the full-bodied enjoyment of a cup of freshly brewed tea.

Bacteria filter in a pack of 10

At Armatron you will find BIOFIL brand water filter cartridges with a wide range of applications. The cartridges are supplied in packs of 10 and are individually packaged so that they can be applied and put into operation either selectively or widely, as required. For long-term use with frequent changes, the quick-release couplings, which are also available in our online shop, are suitable. They make it child's play to replace the filter cartridges without the need for tools or interrupting the water supply. As a result, you have found a reliable partner with a filter from Armatron if you value water quality and want to be on the safe side when it comes to protecting the health of your fellow human beings.