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A toilet brush set can be found in every WC and is an elementary accessory for the necessary hygiene. This makes regular replacement of the WC brush all the more important. We have toilet brushes in stock as spare parts for all our toilet brush holders. If you are unsure about which set you have on site and which WC brush you need to order, we will be happy to help.

SKU: AE-250E
CHF 21.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: AE-250
CHF 7.50 excl. VAT.
SKU: AE-250NE2
CHF 7.50 excl. VAT.
SKU: AE-250W
CHF 14.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: E501
CHF 31.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: A-TW1004812A33
CHF 26.00 excl. VAT.