Disinfectant dispenser for toilet seats, 400 ml


The 'smallest' disinfectant dispenser in our range: The dispenser is made of stainless steel 1.4301 and the surface is matt polished. In addition, the disinfectant dispenser has an anti-fingerprint coating. This reduces the cleaning effort. The dispenser can be filled with 400 ml disinfectant or spray soap. The dispenser is filled into a plastic container. The plastic container can be closed with a lid. This means that you are independent of suppliers and manufacturers and are not tied to expensive refill bags. The dispenser is lockable and equipped with a sturdy cylinder lock. The small viewing window allows you to quickly check the fill level.

Places of operation:

The A-1901 disinfectant dispenser is suitable as a regular dispenser (e.g. at a washstand). However, the small dispenser is also ideal as a toilet seat cleaning dispenser.


The filling is free and independent of the supplier or manufacturer. So you are not tied to expensive refill bags or packages.


Simple operation by means of a stainless steel operating lever. This is pressed backwards. Approx. 0.4 ml of liquid is sprayed per activation.

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CHF 185.00 excl. VAT.