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Tampon dispenser

Just like going to the toilet, periods are part of the normal everyday life of billions of people on this planet. Therefore, period products such as tampons and pads should be part of the basic supply in public toilets as a matter of course, just like soap and toilet paper. While these products are available free of charge in every toilet, there is a lot of catching up to do when it comes to tampon and sanitary pad dispensers. With our Armatron tampon dispensers, you can bring free menstrual products to any facility.

Tampon dispenser


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Buy practical tampon dispensers at Armatron

Whether at the airport, in the company, at universities or at schools, our tampon dispensers are needed everywhere and cut a fine figure in every sanitary facility. At Armatron, we claim to be the leading contact for sanitary facilities in Switzerland with our products. With our tampon dispenser and sanitary pad dispenser, we want to break the taboo of periods and make menstrual products freely available everywhere. The dispensers are wall-mounted and can be placed directly in toilets. This way, menstruating women can get the hygiene products they need as quickly as possible. Menstruation that starts unexpectedly or tampons and pads that have been forgotten at home are no longer a problem.

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Sanitary pad and tampon dispensers as helpers in need

Quality and functionality are our top priorities. Our Tampon and sanitary pad dispenser, stainless steel is simply mounted on the wall. This way, it takes up little space and cannot easily get lost. The matt polished stainless steel provides an elegant and timeless look. The dispenser has space for 200 tampons and 40 sanitary towels, so you don't have to refill it so often. Filling is quick and easy. On our website you can also find directly compatible Tampons and Binden for refilling at a low price. Of course, you can also use other hygiene products of your choice for the dispenser. No matter what the area, our tampon dispenser offers the necessary products for reliable menstrual protection.

Ending taboo and period poverty once and for all

Monthly bleeding should actually be the most natural thing in the world, but the topic is still a big taboo in many areas. Menstruators still talk about their "days" or the "strawberry week". Especially for young people, periods are still shameful because it has to do with blood and intimacy. At the same time, money has to be spent month after month on the appropriate period products. For many menstruators, simply buying a pack of tampons or pads is not a cost factor. But there are people for whom those CHF 3-4 make a big difference. Period poverty affects at least 500 million people worldwide who cannot afford menstrual products and have to resort to toilet paper or cloth instead. With our Armatron tampon dispenser, we want to counteract these problems and set an example against the stigma and cost of menstruation with freely available menstrual products.