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Grab rails bathroom

Accessibility is an important topic, because it gives people with physical impairments and senior citizens a bit of independence. With the right accessories, you can ensure more safety in the bathroom. Especially in showers and bathtubs, but also in the rest of the washroom where water gets in, it can become particularly slippery due to the wetness. To prevent accidents and ensure more safety, special grab rails and bars should be installed in bathrooms and toilets. Discover our quality products from Armatron.

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Buy safe grab rails for the bathroom

Safety is a top priority for us. We focus on quality and only stock the highest quality grab rails and grab bars for public and private bathrooms. Our range includes several bars and handles for the shower, the toilet and also the general bathroom area. You have the choice between articles made of different materials. Our stainless steel handles have a timeless design and are particularly durable. Our products made from Aluminium are intergenerational and ensure safety in the bathroom, regardless of age or independence. Their flattened, ergonomic front prevents the hand from twisting on the handle. Our grab rails made from highly resistant Nylon ensure easy cleaning due to their homogeneous and non-porous surface and are particularly hygienic. No matter which variant you choose, you will find the right product with us.

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High-quality materials for a timeless look

Whether for hospitals, sports facilities or educational institutions, we have the right grab rail ready. To ensure functionality and safety, these are firmly anchored to the wall with stainless steel screws. A sales classic is our Grab rail straight BeLine. Whether in black or silver, it always provides support, assistance and support when standing up in the shower, bath or for the toilet. The distance of just 38 mm between the handle and the wall prevents the forearm from becoming trapped and reduces the risk of broken bones in potential falls. A popular product that can be folded up and down as needed is our model Folding support handle with foot made of nylon. The foot serves as a reinforced support in case the wall mounting is not sufficient. This article is suitable for intensive use in the public/commercial sector and in hospitals. Which grab rails you actually choose depends in detail on the needs of the future users.

A bit more accessibility

For over 30 years, we at Armatron have been dedicated to the sanitary sector. The topic of accessibility is particularly important to us, because we want to be inclusive and help people with disabilities to be more independent as far as possible. That's why we have a large selection of bathroom accessories in our range that are designed for barrier-free washrooms in public and private spaces. Our shower seats ensure maximum safety in the shower area. Our grab rails and bars provide additional secure support in the shower, in the bathtub and on the toilet. Folding bathroom mirrors can be easily adjusted to the desired angle as needed. Our products make daily use easier, help everyone and provide important assistance in preventing accidents.