Disinfectant dispenser UNIVERSAL, DESINFECTION, Bobrick, 0.5 litre, B-26607D



VERSION: This model is for disinfectants!

Our orderer - the Univeral disinfectant dispenser from Bobrick. The housing of the disinfectant dispenser is made of stainless steel with a matt polished surface. The dispenser is easily mounted on the wall by means of a concealed fastening. The housing can be locked with a cylinder lock.

The dispenser is opened with a Bobrick universal key, which also works for other Bobrick products. The sight glass allows a quick check of the remaining amount of disinfectant. The disinfectant dispenser is suitable for all commercially available disinfectants and can be filled open or with existing cartridges. You therefore remain completely independent of the supplier. The pump can be operated with a low pressure of less than 22.2 N (2.2 kg of force).

The dispenser gives you full choice: Both open disinfectants and cartridges can be used. In addition, the disinfectant dispenser can optionally be quickly equipped with a pump for Foaming soap or cream soap be equipped.

VERSIONS: for cream soap (B-26607.9) | for foam soap (B-26627.9) | foam disinfectant dispenser (B-26607DS.9)

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