Pull-out eye shower

CHF 195.00 - CHF 255.00 excl. VAT.

Our eye showers are made of plastic material and have a body and valve made of brass with a corrosion-resistant epoxy coating (1). The nozzle is equipped with a flow regulator capable of absorbing any excess pressure in the water supply (2). The operating lever can be activated with a single movement in accordance with the DIN EN 15154 standard and is equipped with a locking device, which ensures continuous water dispensing with unrestricted freedom of movement for the hands (3). The eye protection shells made of soft, non-allergenic rubber with dust covers prevent potential injuries and support the correct alignment of the water flow (4).

Supply: G3/8 (for connection to
the water network, use drinking water)
Required minimum water pressure: 2 bar
Water flow rate:
> 6 l/min (single eye shower)
> 12 l/min (double eye shower)
Stainless steel hose: 1.5 m long,
Included in the scope of delivery
Sign: supplied according to standard

15° - 35°C CAUTION: Due to an unsuitable temperature
chemical reactions can be accelerated. In this
case, a specialist should be consulted.

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