Urinal flusher, electronic with battery operation, TEMPOMATIC 4, glass ceramic black, 430036**

Electronic flush valve TEMPOMATIC 4 G 1/2, set 2/2 (ready-made set).
Operation with 6V lithium batteries type CR 17345.
Opening and closing of the water by solenoid valve.
Black actuator plate made of safety glass 145 x 145 mm with integrated electronics.
Shockproof infrared sensor with presence detection.
Detection after 10 seconds of presence.
3 programmes (flush volume can be adjusted according to the urinal model).
Rush hour programme (exclusively from DELABIE):

  • Short rinse after each use.
  • Additional flushing after the rush hour.

Hygiene flush every 24 h (adjustable to 12 h or deactivated) after last use: prevents the trap from drying out.
Flush volume preset to 0.15 l/sec. at 3 bar, adjustable.
Flush fitting TEMPOMATIC 4 G 1/2 compatible with salt, rain and grey water.
Mounting in watertight box with flange with integrated seal, protective filter and pre-shut-off.
Suitable for people with limited mobility.


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