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Water and energy savings from 80%

Compared to conventional fittings, our shower panels maximise the water saving factor. The operator's water bill is optimised while maintaining user comfort.

Automatic closing and metered water delivery

The self-closing shower panels close automatically after a running time of about 30 seconds. With the electronic shower panels, the water flow can be interrupted by the user at any time. And if the user forgets to switch it off, the safety shut-off stops the water flow after 60 seconds. Our shower elements thus eliminate any risk of wasting water through carelessness. The amount of water dispensed is reduced to what is necessary (moistening, rinsing).

Flow rate set to 6 l/min

The shower elements are preset to 6 l/min. They guarantee a stable flow rate, even with pressure fluctuations in the installation

Resistant to intensive use and vandal protection

Our shower panels do not require flush mounting and still meet the high requirements of public sanitary rooms with regard to protection against vandalism - while at the same time providing a high level of user comfort.

The shower panels are specially designed to withstand intense use and vandalism - intentional or unintentional. Thus, the shower elements are made of durable and resistant materials. All controls and shower heads are made of solid, chrome-plated brass. The swivelling nozzle of the shower head can be blocked. And the shower elements are equipped with shock-resistant mechanisms and sensors. In addition, the fixings are reinforced and concealed. The back of the shower element is inaccessible. Flowing shapes make any attempt to tear it loose difficult. To prevent wastage and misuse, the safety shut-off prevents any blocking and thus running of the fitting.

Unparalleled durability

The controls of the electronic shower panels are durable. The solenoid valve with piston is self-cleaning, which increases its service life to over 500,000 switching pulses. And our fittings from DELABIE are known for their special performance. For example, every model is subjected to performance tests under extreme conditions in the laboratory.

Limited maintenance

The nozzle of the shower head and the mechanisms are made of low-scaling material (Hostaform®) so that no descaling is required.

Simplified maintenance

Standardised spare parts allow quick and easy replacement by the maintenance specialist. Battery and/or cartridge are accessible from the front without dismantling the shower panel. All shower panels are delivered ready for connection and can be installed quickly.

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