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Thermostat for mixed water

A thermostat for mixed water is an important component in modern sanitary technology. Armatron AG offers a wide range of high-quality thermostats that are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. These thermostats enable precise adjustment of the water temperature and thus ensure a high level of comfort and optimum utilisation of the water. We use innovative technologies and materials to ensure that our products have a long service life and are highly reliable.

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Thermostat for mixed water

Connection set for PREMIX NANO, 732515

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Thermostat for mixed water in various versions

Armatron offers different models of thermostats, so you are sure to find what you are looking for here. Our PREMIX NANO, thermostatic mixer tap, for 1-2 draw-off points for example, is perfect for supplying 1 to 2 basin mixers or a shower. The temperature is preset to 38 °C, but can be set between 34 °C and 60 °C by the installer if required. The chrome-plated brass mixer tap has a minimum flow rate of 3 l/min and a flow rate of 7 l/min (KV). The connection for the hot water is G 3/8, while the connection for the cold water and mixed water outlet is G 3/8B. In contrast, our PREMIX COMFORT, group thermostat for mixed water from 32 to 42°, 190l/min temperature fluctuations and offers protection against scalding. The non-return valves and protective filters are accessible from the outside and thermal disinfection is possible without special tools. Like the Premix Nano, the body of the thermostat is made of highly resistant chrome-plated brass. The maximum hot water temperature here is 85 °C, the maximum flow rate 190 l/min with G 1 1/2B.

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What makes the Armatron thermostatic tap so special

Armatron AG has earned an excellent reputation over the years and is known for its innovative products that offer the highest quality and reliability. Our thermostats are specially designed for use in mixed water systems and offer precise and reliable temperature control. They are easy to install and have an intuitive operation that allows the user to adjust the temperature quickly and easily. In addition, Armatron's thermostats are very durable and robust, as they are made from high-quality materials and have been thoroughly tested. This ensures that the thermostats can withstand the demands of daily use.

Why you should choose Armatron

Armatron AG's vision is to develop and produce innovative products that offer the highest quality and reliability. Sustainability and environmental compatibility in the manufacture of our products are therefore very important to us. Each thermostat for mixed water is manufactured in a carefully planned and monitored process. Production is subject to strict quality controls to ensure that every product meets Armatron's high standards. We only use high-quality materials such as brass and stainless steel, as these are particularly robust and durable. Armatron AG also has a dedicated team of experts who are always ready to answer questions and solve problems should any arise.