Sanitary appliances

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Users' expectations of washrooms, especially in the public/commercial sector, have risen sharply. Dirty washrooms are not tolerated. Sanitary equipment 'must' be comfortable, aesthetic and functional to ensure maximum hygiene and prevent vandalism.


Suitable for intensive use
Our stainless steel sanitary equipment meets all the requirements for intensive use in heavily frequented public washrooms. High-quality products made of robust stainless steel reduce vandalism. Concealed fixings, flowing shapes without sharp edges offer fewer attack surfaces and also reduce the risk of injury.


Stainless steel, the surface highly polished or satin-finished, is non-porous and homogeneous. This makes it more difficult for bacteria to adhere and multiply. Another important consideration is easy cleaning. Our sanitary fittings have a low number of seams and joints - because dirt and bacteria deposits could accumulate in these areas. The basins are seamlessly pressed and have rounded edges. Basics for maximum cleanliness and hygiene.


Stainless steel is environmentally friendly and can be 100% recycled. Our products are made from 60% recycled raw materials.

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