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Sanitary appliances

Are you looking for sanitary equipment that is robust and functional, but also impresses with its attractive design? Discover our diverse product range, consisting of sinks, toilets, washbasins and much more, which give every public washroom an exclusive design. Experience the innovative world of Armatron and redefine the standards for sanitary facilities!

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JVA sanitary equipment

Push-in socket Hock-WC D55

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High-quality sanitary appliances and their importance in public and commercial spaces

Sanitary appliances such as toilets, washbasins and sinks are exposed to intensive use in public areas. It is therefore essential that quality, functionality, hygiene, ease of care, safety and durability are not neglected. These factors contribute significantly to the satisfaction of visitors and customers and leave a lasting impression. Clean, functional and aesthetically pleasing sanitary facilities convey a sense of comfort and professionalism, which in turn strengthens the overall image and reputation of an establishment. The careful selection of high-quality sanitary equipment is therefore crucial for the positive perception and smooth operation of public facilities and commercial premises. That is why we at Armatron have made it our mission to fulfil the requirements of functionality, hygiene, ease of care, safety and durability and to incorporate these into all our products.

Frequently asked questions

Are all your products made of stainless steel?

How long does the dispatch take?

Do you also offer products for people with restricted mobility?

Choose stainless steel

Our high-quality stainless steel products offer decisive advantages in terms of hygiene and environmental friendliness. Thanks to their bacteriostatic properties and non-porous surface, they prevent the adhesion of bacteria and dirt, which makes cleaning easier. They are also durable, robust and fully recyclable, which emphasises their environmental compatibility. Our products combine high resilience with sustainability and offer effective protection against vandalism as well as additional comfort. Discover the variety and quality of our stainless steel products that meet the highest demands in commercial environments. Among other things, we offer commercial sinks with Single basins positioned on the leftand Double basins positioned on the right and vice versa. There are virtually no limits in terms of size. Whether you are looking for round, square or other shapes of washbasin, our wide range of aesthetically pleasing options blend seamlessly into different environments. In addition, our range includes Floor-standing WCs and Wall-hung urinalsthat impress with their high-quality workmanship and durability. Thanks to our modern and timeless design, we define the standards for stylish and functional furnishings, whether in offices, schools, public toilets or prisons.

What makes us special

Our vision at Armatron is to revolutionise the planning and equipping of public sanitary facilities as a reliable partner for sanitary requirements. By using only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, we guarantee premium quality and maximum user satisfaction. Our focus is on functionality, durability and first-class comfort in commercial and upmarket environments. From familiar classics to high-end designs, we offer a wide range of products that will add timeless splendour to any washroom. Thanks to our production in Europe, we also guarantee short delivery times for our taps. Our experienced team is also available by phone or e-mail for any enquiry and advice in various areas. Armatron - your partner for high-quality sanitary appliances!