Aluminium handles

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Design, comfort, well-being

Be-Line® is the connection from Aesthetics and comfort.

The innovative design of the  Aluminium Grab bars and shower seats take away the sometimes stigmatising character of a nursing home. Instead, an atmosphere of carefree well-being and comfort takes hold, whether outside the home or in one's own four walls.

Be-Line® is a cross-generational series, suitable for every stage of life, regardless of age or independence. This makes the shared use of sanitary rooms pleasant for everyone.

The rounded shape of the Be-Line® Handholds with a flattenedergonomic Front side becomes a Prevents twisting of the hand on the handle. The handles fit perfectly in the hand and ensure safe use.

Maximum hygiene

The homogeneous and smooth surface of the aluminium grab rails can be cleaned quickly and easily, and thus also meets the highest hygiene requirements.

Particular importance was attached to the design of the handles of the Be-Line® series, which reduces seams and joints to a minimum.
This limits dirt and bacteria build-up, especially on the straight, one-piece extruded parts with frequent hand contact.


The Be-Line® series is available in two finishes: aluminium anthracite metallic and white. The choice of surface allows for a visually contrasting Design between the colour of the handles or shower seats and the walls on which the products are fixed.

The Be-Line® grab rails thus harmonise with all styles and types of material.

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