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Foam soap dispenser

Especially in public sanitary facilities and washrooms, the use of soap dispensers is a hygienic must. Whether in medical facilities, educational institutions or hotels: soap dispensers keep the soap hygienically sealed and help to save money. Special foam soap dispensers go one step further in terms of convenience and user-friendliness, as they dispense the soap already foamed and thus facilitate hand washing. Mounted on the wall or washstand, our products take up little space and stay clean. Discover high-quality foam soap dispensers at Armatron.

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Pump for foam soaps

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Buy elegant foam soap dispensers at Armatron

Especially in public spaces, it is essential to mount soap dispensers firmly. This protects the products from theft and vandalism and helps your business maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. Depending on the model, our high-quality foam soap dispensers are mounted on the wall or on the washstand and are usually made of stainless steel. This is particularly robust and easy to clean, so that our foam soap dispensers meet the highest hygienic standards. You can fill the dispensers with the soap of your choice and are not tied to any supplier. All products are closed at the top so that no water or other contaminants can get into the tank. The advantage over traditional soap dispensers is that when you press the pump, air is added to dispense an easily spreadable soap foam. This means that a foam soap dispenser uses a smaller amount of soap and helps you save money.

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What is a foam soap dispenser?

With which soap do I fill a foaming soap dispenser?

Is a conventional soap dispenser or a foam soap dispenser better?

Foam soap dispenser for gentle hand washing

Whether with lever or with sensor, you will find the right foam soap dispenser with us. If you are looking for a model with lever, we can offer you our bestseller Soap dispenser UNIVERSAL, foam soap, Bobrick recommend. Made of stainless steel, the dispenser is easily mounted on the wall using a concealed fastening. The housing can be locked with a cylinder lock so that the soap is protected. Depending on requirements, the pump can also be replaced and the product converted into a soap dispenser or disinfectant dispenser. A contactless model with sensor is our Electronic foam soap dispenser, matt stainless steel, Proox. The dispenser can be operated with batteries or mains plug and dispenses foam soap without contact. Our first foam soap dispenser that can be mounted on the washbasin is the Foam soap dispenser for washbasin mounting. This model is easy to fill from the top, saving you time. No matter which item you choose, our soap dispensers fit visually everywhere.

Best quality from Armatron

With our bathroom equipment, you will always make a brilliant impression. Whether soap dispensers, foam soap dispensers or sensor soap dispensers, you will find a large number of different models in our online shop. As foam soap dispensers are subject to heavy use in public areas, our products are particularly resilient. Soap dispensers are subject to a lot of wear and tear and are also sometimes opened. Our dispensers are made of robust stainless steel and secured with locking techniques so that the soap inside is protected. By mounting them firmly on the wall or washstand, our foam soap dispensers are additionally protected against theft. By installing a foam soap dispenser, you are guaranteed to increase the satisfaction of all visitors and save costs at the same time.