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Shower trays

Today, having a bathtub is no longer standard, but almost a luxury. For this reason, the shower has become an even greater factor in personal hygiene. Whether in the bathroom at home or in public areas, easy cleaning and safety are top priorities. At Armatron, you can buy CE-certified shower trays in various sizes. Our range also offers sanitary accessories to provide optimum combination options for your needs.

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Buy tested shower trays from Armatron

The interactive calling card of every home - the bathroom. Armatron products are ideal for making a brilliant impression. During manufacture, all products are standardised and tested according to their use. This means that nothing stands in the way of planning and furnishing. Whether for the home bathroom or public sanitary facilities - Armatron offers a wide range of durable products. In keeping with the motto "STAINLESS & STEEL hard", stainless steel is the material of choice. This combines a timeless and elegant look with the necessary stability. In order to keep the shower area functional, our choice of design has been kept classically simple. With a non-slip floor surface and particularly low height, our shower bases are particularly suitable for the installation of a barrier-free shower.

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It's all in the mix!

A shower tray rarely comes alone and we at Armatron can help you find the ultimate combination product. Ideally suited for public sanitary facilities, our Shower curtain the necessary discretion and safety during use. For people with restricted mobility, we recommend our half-height Shower curtain made of polyester on. This offers the necessary room to move and maximum comfort. The only thing missing for a complete shower experience is a suitable shower head. With our Shower element SECURITHERM hot and cold shower users have individual options for controlling their personal hygiene via the hand shower. Thanks to a height-adjustable shower bar, everyone can use this shower surface equally. By purchasing from Armatron, you are investing in a durable product manufactured in Switzerland and Europe, which contributes to more environmentally friendly consumption.

If plumbing - then Armatron!

With over 30 years of experience and as one of the leading full-range suppliers of sanitary accessories, we are a valued partner for sanitary planners and architects. We put our concentrated washroom expertise into advising customers and developing our own products on a daily basis. Our vision is to adapt our range to the special features of the Swiss market in order to be the first port of call for public facilities. The issue of safety plays an extremely important role in psychiatric facilities and prisons. Sanitary facilities must therefore be significantly more robust and durable. In the catering, care, education and industrial sectors, functions such as comfort, design and durability are prioritised. The selection at Armatron provides the right solution for every need. We look forward to hearing from you for further advice on your upcoming project!