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Tray - smart storage for mobile devices and accessories for everyday use

Public toilets cause discomfort for many people due to the high frequency of use. This is usually due to the hygienic conditions when there are large numbers of visitors. If you are travelling alone and do not have a second person with you to store your personal belongings in the meantime, you often do not know where to put your own belongings and mobile devices. When you see your handbag or laptop bag, even the desire for a backpack doesn't help. What now? A shelf is needed! The practical tray stores personal items in public sanitary facilities away from the floor.

Hygiene in public washrooms with functional and attractive tray

The attractively designed shelf presents itself as storage for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Even a laptop and documents that do not allow unsightly creases find a place to be stored on the intelligently placed shelf. Personal belongings are thus effectively protected from dirt, dust and moisture. In addition, the cleverly designed shelf offers protection against germs. Last but not least, the shelf supports the well-being of the washroom user.

Field-proven storage surface for solution-oriented storage

Whether mobile devices or handbag: the storage system is compactly designed and can be cleaned quickly and effortlessly thanks to its functional surface finish.

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610 mm
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600 mm
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