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Self-closing and without hand contact

After opening by pressing the operating cap, the self-closing taps switch off automatically. After washing, no further hand contact is required. Germ transmission is prevented.


Our fittings are highly durable and resistant and have a timeless design. Our wide range therefore offers the right solution for every type of public/commercial furnishing.


Water saving

Compared to conventional taps, the self-closing taps enable maximum water savings. They optimise operating costs and at the same time enable maximum user comfort.

Automatic closing and metered water delivery

The tap closes automatically after a running time of about 7 seconds. The self-closing taps thus eliminate any risk of wasting water through carelessness. Some models are also equipped with an AB anti-blocking system that prevents blockage when open. The dispensing quantity is reduced to what is necessary (moistening, rinsing).

Flow rate set to 3 l/min

The fittings have a regulated flow of 3 l/min. They ensure constant water delivery even in the event of pressure fluctuations. The flow rate of 3 l/min at 3 bar is already preset. However, it can be adjusted from 1.5 l/min to 6 l/min.

Energy saving

The self-closing taps function without a power supply. They do not consume any energy. In addition, the hot water saving achieved is synonymous with lower energy consumption.


The self-closing taps are 100% made from recyclable materials and thus achieve the highest sustainability level in their category

Self-closing fittings

Stainless steel self-closing tap

SKU: ASUP-0411265X-022
CHF 501.00 excl. VAT.

Self-closing fittings

Stainless steel self-closing mixer

SKU: ASUP-0411119X-022
CHF 456.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-795100
CHF 275.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-794050
CHF 726.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-794055
CHF 828.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-794350
CHF 735.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-794360
CHF 537.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-794370
CHF 755.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-741555
CHF 555.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-741550
CHF 220.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-741500
CHF 234.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-700100
CHF 472.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-700100LH
CHF 323.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-745300
CHF 145.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-744000
CHF 106.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-794155
CHF 466.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-740300
CHF 169.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-742510LH
CHF 320.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-740000
CHF 328.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-742100
CHF 445.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-742100LH
CHF 435.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-796000
CHF 423.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-796838
CHF 512.00 excl. VAT.

Self-closing fittings

Self-closing mixer tap TEMPOMIX

SKU: ADL-798152
CHF 442.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-742510
CHF 468.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-740500
CHF 212.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-794100
CHF 595.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-700101
CHF 468.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-702000
CHF 312.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-745100
CHF 137.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-702400
CHF 266.00 excl. VAT.
SKU: ADL-700500
CHF 346.00 excl. VAT.