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Operating theatre washbasin

Armatron's operating theatre washbasins are specially designed for use in medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics and meet the highest hygiene standards. They are made from high-quality materials and offer a durable solution for use in demanding environments. Find out more about the various medical sanitary products in our online shop!

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Find your desired operating theatre washbasin

To meet the needs of medical facilities, we offer operating theatre washbasins in various sizes and with short and high back panels. You will find a Washbasin with high back panel and a length of 700 mm. The surface is satinised and the inner edges are rounded to ensure easy cleaning. The "Hygiene +" design ensures a reduction in bacterial deposits. It can also be supplied with a tap hole at the customer's request. The 1400 mm long washbasin with a short back panel The 75 mm diameter is made of bacteriostatic stainless steel, making this wash trough extremely robust and durable. It also has a side drain on the right and is equipped without an overflow. The smooth surface and rounded inner edges also make cleaning easy and efficient. We also offer an extra long Washbasin with a length of 2100 mm on. Thanks to its size, this washbasin can be used by two people at the same time. Its high back panel also ensures that splashes and spray water do not hit the wall when the washbasin is in use. A high back panel also provides additional stability and support for the washbasin. You're spoilt for choice! Treat yourself to the operating theatre washbasin that meets your hygiene requirements and quality expectations exactly and take your medical facility to a new level of hygiene!

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What makes our operating theatre washing trough special

Armatron AG's surgical drains fulfil the highest standards of hygiene and functionality. They are made of high-quality stainless steel, are easy to clean and disinfect and their ergonomic design ensures comfortable use by medical staff. When it comes to sanitary accessories, you should choose Armatron AG because we stand for high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Who we are

We are a company specialising in the manufacture of high-quality stainless steel sanitary accessories for commercial and public facilities. Armatron AG has a long-standing reputation for delivering innovative and reliable products that meet customer needs. Our company's product range goes far beyond operating theatre washbasins and includes soap dispensers, hand dryers, toilets, showers and much more. As a Swiss company, we can also guarantee products with the highest quality standards.