Hygienic washbasin , satin stainless steel

made of stainless steel material 1.4301
Material thickness 1.5 mm,
for mounting on the wall,
with seamlessly integrated wash trough,
without overflow with DN 40 strainer drain valve,
with base, with moulded-on back panel 400 mm high,
Rear wall and basin 3-sided with
seamless moulded cladding,
Open rear wall, closed base with inspection panel,
with wall outlet opto-electronically controlled,
incl. transformer 230/12V 50 Hz
100 VA, solenoid valve and thermostat integrated internally,
with 2 arm lever dispensers made of
Stainless steel for soap and disinfectant
Connection TW and TWW G3/8B from below
Mains connection via cable gland from below

Dimensions of bowl recess: 340 x 130 x 230 mm WxHxD

Width 500 mm
Height 650 mm
Depth 450 mm


  • without dispenser
  • prepared for your donors
  • without back wall
  • Floor open
  • as a washing line (e.g. 2 or 3 washing stations)
  • Battery operation
  • Rear panel with additional paper towel dispenser

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