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Wall hook

Almost everyone has faced this problem: you want to use the toilets quickly at a rest stop, restaurant or other facility and don't know where to put your bag and coat. There is no hook anywhere and putting them on the floor is unhygienic and impractical. To prevent personal items from getting wet or dirty, installing wall hooks in the cubicles is helpful. This way, your WC guests have their hands free and keep a positive memory of your sanitary facilities. Discover our wall and coat hooks and find the right accessories for your rooms.

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Kindergarten Sanitary Equipment

Stainless steel bag hook

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Buy practical wall hooks

Whether in public toilets, changing rooms, swimming pools or cloakrooms. Wall hooks make sense wherever jackets and coats are taken off, towels or bathrobes are needed and bags are put down. Because when hung over benches and chairs, things quickly end up on the floor and can get dirty and wet. At Armatron, you will find beautifully designed wall hooks and coat hooks that you can easily attach to doors and walls. With high-quality materials such as stainless steel and numerous designs, our hooks set accents and fit elegantly into the overall concept of your premises. In this way, you ensure space and order and create a positive visitor experience.

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Wall hooks and coat hooks from Armatron

With our wall hooks, you get timeless design for your sanitary facilities. One hook that we offer in many colours is our PROOX, Handbag and coat hook with door stop function. It is available in seven different colours and two different lengths and thus fits visually into your concept. A particularly high-quality hook made of stainless steel is the Coat hook for wall mounting, stainless steel satin finish. Its beautiful silver makes any room shine. If you really want to go all out for the comfort of your guests, take a look at our WC shelf for folders and laptops. This two-in-one unit is both a hook for coat and bag and a secure storage for laptops, tablets and folders. At the same time, it takes up very little space and is easy to mount on the wall. Order the wall hooks and coat hooks of your choice easily and conveniently in our online shop and we will deliver quickly and reliably.

Armatron: The number 1 for sanitary accessories

With our sanitary accessories, you can turn your sanitary room into a real eye-catcher. Whether for public areas or for your home, our products combine design and quality and therefore enjoy great popularity. We are always on hand to help our customers and are happy to advise you on buying the right products to suit your individual needs. Because in addition to the price, the appearance and durability are also decisive. Most of our sanitary accessories are made of high-quality stainless steel, which makes the items particularly robust. Different colours and variants provide a variety of design options depending on taste and personal preferences. Contact us with any questions, we would like to be the number 1 contact for the planning and implementation of public sanitary facilities and our competent advisors will be happy to help you.