Litter bin For surface mounting, satin stainless steel, 11.3 litres, with lock, B-35639.1

Waste bin for surface mounting


The paper waste bin for surface mounting is made of stainless steel CrNi 18/10 (1.4301) in all-round welded construction. The outer surfaces are matt polished. The door made of stainless steel CrNi 18/10 (1.4301) has a thickness of 1.2 mm and is attached to the housing with a concealed stainless steel bar hinge. It has a stainless steel door stop limiter and Bobrick system lock. Welded construction with a capacity of 11.3 litres.


Housing - Robust stainless steel CrNi 18/10 (1.4301), welded construction satin finish.
Apron - Stainless steel CrNi 18/10 (1.4301), satin finish.
Door - Stainless steel CrNi 18/10 (1.4301), 1.2 mm thick, satin finish. With concealed stainless steel bar hinge attached to the enclosure over the entire length. With rope door stop limiter of stainless steel. Lockable with Bobrick washroom cylinder locks. Self-closing flap fixed with full-length stainless steel bar hinge.
Disposal flap - Robust stainless steel CrNi 18/10 (1.4301), satin finish. Fixed to the enclosure with a spring-loaded stainless steel bar hinge over the total height. Pictogram identifies the waste bin.
Litter bin - Robust stainless steel CrNi 18/10 (1.4301). Welded construction. Waste container removable for emptying.
Capacity: 11.3 l.


To empty the waste bin, open the door with the key provided and remove the waste bin.
The door stop limiter prevents damage to washroom accessories or walls.


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