Hand dryer Speedflow plus, made of high-gloss stainless steel, with 3-layer HEPA filters, AME-M17AC**

Händetrockner Hochglanz

Hand dryer speedflow plus
Stainless steel
Mit Hochglanz
Material thickness 1.5 mm
Voltage 220-240V
Heating element with microswitch for switching on/off
Infrared detection sensor with adjustable distance (5 to 20 cm)
Automatic safety switch-off after 30 seconds
Adjustable speed
3-layer HEPA filter cleans the air by trapping dirt, dust, bacteria, pollen, etc.
Optionally with an ioniser to clean and purify the air using particles with a negative electrical charge

Tension 220-240 V Heating element output 500 or 0 W (ON/OFF switch)
Frequency 50 / 60 HZ Weight 3.2 kg
Protection class Class I Material thickness Housing 1.5 mm
Total output (heating element ON) 675-850 W Hand drying time 10-12 sec.
Total output (heating element OFF) 180-350 W Air velocity 290-400 km/h
Consumption 2,8-5 A Air temperature (10 cm distance / 21°C) 39°C
Engine power 180-350 W Noise level (at 2 m) 57-65 dBA
Speed 23'000-32'000 IP protection class IP23


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